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The evolution of Aston Commercial

Posted on 22 July 2020 by Rachel Bakrnchev

It has been 1 year since we re-branded to Aston Commercial. After 50 years of being known as ‘Beller Commercial’, we decided it was time to mix things up and refresh our brand to better represent who we are now and the growth we have achieved as a business over this time.

We went from B to A
Beller Commercial to Aston Commercial, puts an identity to changes that had been happening in our business for a while. We're an agency who breaks the cliches and does things differently to push your property results further. Who can be trusted for a truly independent opinion, even when this isn’t in our immediate interest. An agency who always sees the bigger picture for long term relationships, not easy short term wins. Who can control costs, solve problems and leave you with happy tenants. Whether you are a seasoned owner, a tightly run corporation or someone looking to take your next step - fortune favours the brave.

So, what did we change?
Just our name and branding! We’re still the same people you’ve always dealt with in the same location, we just got a fresh new name and look. Take a look at a few of our ‘before and after’s' below:


We pride ourselves on doing things…a different way! We will continue to apply unique marketing for your property and adapt in an ever changing environment.

We're very proud of the positive changes we have made to our brand and how well our Team and clients have embraced our refreshed identity, we're so excited to see where we will be a year from now! 

We are constantly changing and adapting our brand as our business evolves.


Rachel Bakrnchev.

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