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Take time to check-in with yourself

Posted on 02 September 2020

The world today is a crazy place thanks to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), with the Stage 4 restrictions enforced here in Vic we are all experiencing a range of emotions. It can be easy to get lost in it all and forget to take a minute for yourself. Below are a few effective ways to help manage stress and practice self-care.

We encourage our team and clients to prioritise what matters most and look after your own wellbeing, together with that of your family, friends and colleagues.

Five effective ways to help manage stress and practice self-care:

Stay Active
There’s heaps of different types of exercise you can do from home, thanks to YouTube and apps. We’ve listed a few free ones:

Take 10 to be Zen
Taking 10 minutes or so to practise mindfulness can help produce a sense of calmness.

Join a webinar or workshop
There to support you to continue to engage through disruption and change.

Make a homemade meal
During stressful times there’s nothing better than a tasty homemade meal – especially if you made it yourself.

Watch or read something uplifting
Distraction can be a good thing. Watch something that you find uplifting and allow yourself to zone out from what’s going on in the world.

Recognise that this time can be stressful, and that you may have a physical and emotional reaction to it. Give yourself permission to have a reaction, and also remember to practice compassion and kindness to yourself and your colleagues over the coming weeks. We encourage you to reach out and speak to your family and friends or access Wellbeing Support Services.


Ella Hayden.
Operations Officer

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