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Keeping a positive mindset

Posted on 14 September 2020 by Fred Nucara

You can only control your attitude and behaviour. Don’t let others dictate your mood – look for the daily positives!

As the Victorian Government continues to apply disproportionate restrictions to Melbourne and our State, we watch in disbelief as our civil rights and economic response for a “roadmap” is in disarray. The consistent feedback we have been getting from Commercial Property Owners and Tenants keen to kickstart their businesses again, and Buyers still hovering to invest is that the Victorian Government has not provided us with the confidence in achieving a balance between a health issue and an economic issue, whereby we can operate in a COVID-Safe environment.

Why is it that we cannot undertake a COVID-Safe one-on-one inspection of a vacant property, yet a construction site can have 25% of its workforce operating?

Why is it that a person can visit their intimate partner outside the 5-kilometre radius, yet you cannot visit a parent or special friend that is celebrating a birthday milestone?

The list of inconsistencies is endless…and the only way it will stop is if individuals continue to make their voice heard by signing that online petition, calling talk-back radio, posting on social media and writing to your local MP, industry bodies, the Governor General, etc.

The legal restrictions imposed by the Victorian Government, or any Government for that matter, is something we cannot control. However, we have a choice to voice our concerns in a democratic and proportionate way.

My view is that the greatest challenge is being able to change our mood to propagate a more positive attitude (everyday) so that we can maintain a healthy wellness. So here are some tips we do as a business to help change your mood:

  • A morning pep-up song is great therapy and provides interesting insights into the diverse genre of music that people enjoy.
  • Connect via video calls or telephone calls rather than emails or social media.
  • Be empathetic, be professional and its normal to admit that whilst we may not have all the answers, we will help you navigate through.
  • Ask someone – are you OK?
  • Offer direction to specialist services if you feel you are struggling.
  • Appreciate and celebrate every win with the Team – no matter how small!
  • Have virtual Team events – quiz contests, cocktails and other online games.
  • Watch an online video – comedians, bloopers, inspirational speeches.
  • Smile when speaking on the telephone or sending an email.
  • Be grateful for the many “basics” we take for granted.
  • Stay connected with family, friends and colleagues.

The only person responsible for their daily mood and attitude is you. Whilst this may be a challenge to amend, the alternative path is one of despondency and is unsustainable. So, don’t remain in the dark tunnel created by others and focus on the light at the end of it – it’s called HOPE.

HOPE is about the little steps of getting through the day, then the week and ultimately the month. Before you know it, you will be celebrating Christmas 2020 and having fun with Family, Friends and Beloveds.


Fred Nucara.
Director & Officer in Effective Control

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