You shouldn’t lose income because your agent lacks initiative. Imagine better. Lease with Aston.

Our commercial leasing Team is steadfast, strategic, and personal. We draw on decades of built-up relationships across the Melbourne area, utilise local expertise and close deals with stylish finesse, ultimately, anchoring ourselves as leaders in commercial leasing.

Swift, Thoughtful Service – Transparent, Open Communication

As a boutique agency solely operating in Melbourne, we remain laser-focused on delivering you the best possible service with a complimentary in-depth, local analysis of the commercial lease market.

You require an Agent and Team of support that not only performs with speed, initiative, and tenacity but who acts in your best interest. At Aston, we pride ourselves on thoughtful service that’s personal to you. Every client’s needs are individual to them, and that’s why no two services are ever the same. Our dedicated team remain open and transparent with you throughout the leasing process. Strong, consistent, two-way communication is imperative so, from us you can expect honesty, integrity, and a supportive Team you can lean on and has you top of mind, always.

300+ NEW COMMERCIAL TENANCIES A YEAR, that’s impressive!

Minimal Downtime – Maximum Results

Aston Commercial stays ahead of the curve. Our tactical Team foresees the gap in the market to match you with the best possible tenant, bound for long-term success. We’re rigorous in our groundwork to ensure there’s minimal turnaround time between tenants. Our fast, immediate processes and superior marketing initiatives paired with thorough local knowledge, means finding your next tenant is seamless and swift. Aston’s strategic Team is forever adapting and shifting to the evolving property environment.

Setting the Standard for the Commercial Leasing Experience

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It’s not about timing the market, it’s about time in the market.

The Aston Advantage:

Superior Attention to Detail Superior Attention to Detail

Polished, professional, and primed property presentation

Extensive Groundwork Extensive Groundwork

Understanding the gap in the market to fill the space with the best possible tenant

Honest Communication Honest Communication

Genuine and reliable service with whole team support

Reasonable Negotiation Reasonable Negotiation

Always acting in the best interest of the vendor

Expansive Local Network Expansive Local Network

Leveraging local contacts for quick tenant turnarounds

Forecasting Forecasting

Analysis and long-game strategy, predicting emerging trends

Preparing Property for Lease Preparing Property for Lease

Preparation is everything, expect deal-closing first impressions

Strategic, Collaborative Team Strategic, Collaborative Team

Proactive individuals harmoniously operating to deliver you the best financial outcome

Constant Pursuit of More Constant Pursuit of More

Team that adapts and self-develops to the ever-evolving property market