Veronica Hsu
International experience.
Local knowledge, professionalism and approachability.

Could Veronica be our most globally experienced professional at Aston? She’s certainly makes the top 5. With over seven years’ experience in property in Melbourne with tenures in asset management, business development and client relations Veronica has worked extensively in Taiwan, the UK, USA and China. Even with Disney in Orlando Florida.

At Aston she adds her magic and expertise to our property management areas, ensuring leasing maintenance details are up to date, as well as monitored for any required work orders. She’s also across aspects that include insurance, bank guarantees and is an incredibly thorough, details focused problem solver. What Veronica really enjoys here is the variety of work – as she puts it, “No two days are alike at Aston. I get to work with all sorts of people and help resolve a range of important issues.”

Fluent in English and Mandarin, Veronica is highly approachable with a strong commitment to outstanding service and communication with our clients. When she’s not working at Aston you might find her walking her dog at the local park or spending time with friends and family over a delicious meal. Hint: She’s also a highly committed Netflix watcher – so if you’re needing recommendations for your next movie marathon (something she loves), just ask!

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