Olivia Thompson
Olivia's inherent passion for communication fuels her enthusiasm for connecting with others, honing her keen eye for strategic marketing, and fostering exceptional interpersonal skills.

As Aston Commercial's Marketing Coordinator & Brand Ambassador, Olivia skillfully merges marketing and communication strategies to ensure outward communication resonates with Aston's DNA. With a strong emphasis on campaign marketing, strategic brand communication, and building positive stakeholder relationships, she delivers a distinctive commercial property experience to our Clients. Olivia's contributions play a pivotal role in enhancing Aston's market presence and reputation.

Olivia holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a major in Public Relations and an Arts Degree with a focus on Digital Media. Her natural passion for communication fuels her joy in connecting with new people and understanding their perspectives. Gratitude drives her every day as she appreciates the beauty of her surroundings, good health, and supportive relationships. Striving to be the best version of herself allows Olivia to make the most of the fantastic life she cherishes.

Outside of the office, Olivia enjoys quality time with friends and family, exploring wine bars, attending pilates classes, and volunteering as a Sports Mentor with a local charity to support disadvantaged children in team sports.

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