Luke Saliba
A communicator and negotiator
that values growing client relationships.

Luke is ambitious about growth. Both in growing his understanding and knowledge as a professional to become an expert in a range of commercial property types, and growing his client relationships and their results. While being relatively new to the industry, Luke’s record has already grown as well. In his first year of his career he sold 35 properties. Which has been a lightning start.

At Aston Luke is involved in much of the frequent communication we have with our clients. He prepares letters, emails and reports. He also undertakes database management, title searches and property due diligence.

So what does he personally admire about Aston? “Ultimately, for me it’s about being surrounded by great leadership.” Says Luke. “Aston delivers that. They’re here to guide me so I can in turn provide exceptional customer service and advice to our clients. It’s what drew me to this company.”

When Luke is not working closely with our team and assisting our clients (or renovating!), he’s also highly committed to his own health, fitness and well-being. As an active gym-goer, he values nutritious eating and getting out of the city on big road trips.

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