Lauren Pappas
Unwaveringly loyal, ambitious, and industrious, Lauren has become a well-established talent within the Aston team.

Lauren’s journey with the Aston family is not only a long one but special too. Her career began with the company back in 2010 when the team was just a fraction of the size. She has grown and developed with the business. Initially taking on a role as a personal assistant, over the years Lauren naturally has taken on various positions within the expanding company, including time spent as marketing officer. She has since settled into an operations-oriented role, finding it her preferred inclination. Her tireless dedication to the company has garnered Lauren an invaluable fountain of knowledge and business understanding, making her the first line for any query. Her diplomacy, organisation, and ability to work under pressure compliments her responsibilities of managing office operations. Lauren also works alongside Director, Fred Nucara, assisting with daily tasks and projects where her intuition, patience, good memory and of course, long-held standing in the company comes into play.

 To put it simply, Lauren is the backbone to ensuring that the business keeps moving both in its day-to-day and strategic growth.

Lauren’s intrinsic ability to do it all stems from her balanced lifestyle. Her beloved family keeps her grounded and happy, coffee fuels her, friends make her laugh, and exercise is her morning invigorator.

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