Lachlan Doherty
Lachlan possesses an “All or Something” mindset in everything he does. He strives to give it his all, but if that falls short, he aims to still give something.

Commencing his commercial real estate journey at Aston as an Assistant Property Manager, Lachlan is intrigued by the challenge and is excited to broaden his horizons and sharpen his skillset with new legislations and procedures that come his way in a down to earth and friendly office environment.

Lachlan first embarked on his career as a leasing consultant, where he was able to develop the crucial understanding of the correlation between the quality of a property and it’s value in the market. After acquiring sufficient knowledge in this area, he proceeded onto his role as a Property Management Associate where he was able to apply his expertise from leasing to interpret data from the Comparative Market Analysis into a usable format for rental providers to easily comprehend.

Soon to graduate from a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Property and Real Estate in 2023, Lachlan holds a deep understanding of the theoretical aspects of both residential and commercial real estate. Utilizing his White Card and working alongside property managers throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work on large scale projects and gain invaluable knowledge through real life experiences. Lachlan believes that taking on his own portfolio of 160 properties allowed him to learn how to manage expectations of stakeholders effectively and to communicate succinctly. 

Lachlan’s relentless “never to give up” attitude allows him to provide exceptional services to his clients as they appreciate that he gives his all in every interaction no matter how big or small. Away from work, Lachlan enjoys keeping on top of his finances by reviewing his budges, as well as relaxing with a video game. He finds joy in learning new topics and ticking items off his checklist.

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