Abigail Hynes
Innovative creator, strategic marketer

Abi is passionate not just about selling and leasing property, but also what drives it – our marketing.

She is an innovative marketing, branding and advertising specialist who previously ran her own consultancy. As a result, she’s highly skilled at managing marketing campaigns.

Supporting Aston’s commercial sales efforts, Abi is involved daily in creating compelling content. That includes overseeing digital and print advertising and creating standout material to promote properties. Her work also ensures that every item we place in market is consistent and strategically effective.

Abi was drawn to Aston by the opportunity to work in a dynamic, fast-paced commercial property environment and grow her career. She ran her own consultancy previously, and also worked across a number of high calibre property firms in Perth and WA.

When we asked her about what excites her most about the industry, she emphasised three things. “For me it’s about people and property as well as the marketing. I observe the property market and all activity we do at Aston through the eyes of a specialist. It’s about being results-driven and honest in what we action, and caring deeply about our clients’ success.”

When Abi is not building and co-ordinating outstanding marketing initiatives, she sings! She is an exceptional vocalist and an avid traveller. Abi has explored most of the UK, Asia, Europe, Australia and more. She is also a big supporter of female empowerment and mental health awareness.

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