Eat, Teach, Slay, Repeat

Posted on 16 May 2023 by Fred Nucara

At Aston Commercial, we hold our Team in high regard, placing great emphasis on their mental wellness and overall welfare. To support this, we organise monthly "Eat, Teach, Slay, Repeat" sessions, where we gather to discuss topics related to our well-being. These sessions provide an opportunity for open, meaningful exchanges and facilitates the sharing of valuable insights and innovative ideas while we enjoy a delectable meal together.


This month, we tuned into 'The Third Space,' a program focused on establishing boundaries and safeguarding your time and energy. We then had a meaningful discussion on the topic, exchanging valuable insights and ideas.  

View Adam Fraser's 'The Third Space' video here.



During this month's session of 'Eat, Teach, Slay, Repeat', our Team immersed ourselves in thought-provoking TED Talks around the subjects of relationships, networks, and personal growth, exploring the keys to leading a joyful and gratifying life.


Our latest 'Eat, Teach, Slay, Repeat' session can be found on our socials.