Vivian Wu
“Aim big. Act Small. Keep learning, keep striving, and always try to be a better version of yourself from yesterday.” - Vivian’s daily motto

From Aston's first encounters with Vivian, it was clear there was little she couldn't accomplish and Vivian's yet to prove us wrong. Joining the Aston family for its profound team culture, Vivian brings with her years of award-winning customer service experience. Her ability to learn fast, adapt to a changing environment, and work with unwavering determination makes her a strong up-and-coming leader with even more record-breaking results on the way.

Our resident polyglot, Vivian's multi-cultural background and fluency in both Italian and Chinese have meant she is able sew deep connections with clients, trades, and the broader Melbourne network. Vivian sees her role with Aston as much more than just a job. Her resolution towards self-development within her career and her personal life is an inspiration. Each day, Vivian aims to be a better version of herself from yesterday no matter if it's property or facility management or tracking a new adventure when off camping at the weekend.

Always surprising us with something new, in 2016 Vivian spent time in Beijing working for UNESCO. As an intern, Vivian actively worked and contributed to the "Creation of an Open Digital Library on Traditional Games" from cultures in Bangladesh, Brazil, Greece and Mongolia.




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