Toni Soulis
Toni is a leader through and through. Her effectiveness lies within her admirable qualities; empathy, accountability, communication, influence and learning agility.

Toni is tasked to produce, manage, and maintain seamless administration and business support to Aston Commercial’s Sales and Leasing Team. Toni works with independence and initiative driving her effective office management. Also a great collaborator and trusted listener, Toni sees the importance of getting to know and understand the people she’ll be leading and the customer that they are servicing. She’s adaptive, human, and flexible in her management style, ensuring to get the most out of the team.

With her ample experience across sales, service and administration roles integrated with her high work ethic, people and creative problem-solving skills, Toni has forged strong business relationships, client satisfaction and overall organisational success along the way. It all boils down to her procedures and accountability. Imperative to a growing and scalable business, Toni’s internal operations make for complete efficiency and a better client experience.

On the hunt for a progressive real estate company, Toni found her home at Aston Commercial, seeing her own values in the company and a chance to steer them to even more success while maintaining integrity and trust. As a much-appreciated leader, Toni’s daily quote has and always will be, ‘Treat people how you want to be treated.’

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