Jamie Zhao
Reasonable, adaptable, and a true ambassador, Jamie offers a highly professional service that is prime for navigating today’s landlord-tenant strains, ensuring long-term retention.

Jamie is not about short-term wins, rather, he’s about the long game. Nowadays creating lasting professional relationships is more important than ever and Jamie understands this deeply. An accounting and finance major, Jamie holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, as well as a master’s from Monash University. This has chiselled his business know-how making him a strategic, and analytical individual. Paired with his seven years of experience in commercial real estate, Jamie is not only a well-rounded asset to the property management team but an accomplished, sound decision-maker that values people. A fantastic problem solver with strong communication skills, Jamie is primed to make his mark.

There is a lot to say about Jamie but what really sets him apart as a property manager is his genuine love of working with people. Self-motivated and always striving for more, Jamie is keen to grow alongside Aston with special excitement for their expansion into the retail sector. He has a curious and spongy personality. Jamie is what we know as a give-and-take operator; eager to soak up everything on offer at Aston Commercial while wanting to take on more responsibility, bringing his own flair of human customer service.

“All of my clients are typically business owners and decision makers and I love it. Working with them helps me to expand my knowledge, learn from their successes, and to build connections so we can all help each other down the line.”

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