Eliza Henderson
An imaginative, highly creative, and critical problem solver, Eliza leads Aston’s marketing campaigns from creation all the way through to completion, assuring for maximum results.

Much like Aston Commercial, Eliza has been doing things a different way since she could remember. Her creatively curious mindset has proved that no obstacle can stand in her way for long. A first timer to commercial real estate, Eliza has certainly hit the ground running. Her natural gravitation towards hands-on experience has shown the team she’s a fast learner and quick to adapt. Daily opportunities for growth are also a powerful motivator for Eliza and the inherent variety of her role as marketing coordinator has come to be her most favoured part of the Aston life. Amongst her daily tasks Eliza generates marketing quotes, proofs and uploads web listings; and creates brochures, press ads, signage and e-brochures.

She deeply understands her customer and what excites them while steering clear of repetitive industry norms keeping with the Aston brand of doing things a different way. She is timely, committed and seriously well-organised.

Away from Aston, you can find Eliza volunteering her time for Zoos Victoria or lending an artistic hand to her partner’s cookie business.

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